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Christian Perspective

Gold-Level Coaching

Hope Coaching

Why Life Coaching?

Life Coaching Empowers You to Define and Achieve Your Life Goals And Solve Life’s Challenges with Winning Strategies.

It gives You the Opportunity to talk Confidentially With Someone who cares about Your Relationships, Your Goals and Strategies, Your Obstacles and Anxieties, Your Hopes and Passions, and Your Spiritual Journey and Dreams.

With Life Coaching, You Can:

  • Discover how your personality interacts best with those around you.
  • Work through life stresses, grieving losses, divorce, disability, and relationship difficulties.
  • Gain/improve your time management and organizational skills.
  • Find encouragement in Your business and life decisions.
  • Finally discover balance between work and other areas of your life.

Life Coaching is for anyone
who wants more out of life.

What Can I Expect From Coaching?

From our very first session together, you’ll know you’ve found a friend, confidant, and a compassionate ear.

There’s no professional, stuffy office where you’ll lie on a sofa and tell me about your mother. This is REAL. We’ll talk about YOUR LIFE and whatever topics that may cover.

We can talk in person, via phone, Skype, text, or by email. Whatever works best for YOU!

How Do I Know Which Program to Choose?

If you’re facing cancer (as I once did), be sure to ask about our new Hope Coaching!
If life is just a little too much to bear right now, discover the freedom that comes with our Gold-Level Coaching Program!
If you’re looking for something a bit more long-term, ask for an application to our Platinum-Level Coaching Program!

Don’t see a program that fits your current needs? You can always Contact me and we can develop a tailor-made program that’s just right for YOU! (Family programs available upon request!)